Organization of LPG transportation by rail

TransExpedition renders transport and forwarding services for the organization of transportation of liquefied petroleum gases by rail tank cars, receipt, emptying, storage, mixing and dispatch of cargo from Vitba station of Belarusian Railway to domestic and export destinations (to Eastern European countries (Poland, Ukraine), Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova).

For the organization of transportation of liquefied gases we use our own specialized tank cars for the carriage of liquefied gases, and we also engage the largest forwarders and rolling stock operators.

The rolling stock owned by TransExpedition includes rail tank cars of models 15-1200-02, 15-1519-02 with the cubic capacity of 73.9 to 75.70 m3 and lifting capacity of 40.80 to 46.00 tonnes, which are used for international transportation.

Application for railroad transportation

Should you require a freight forwarding service for the organization of transportation of liquefied gas with the provision of specialized rail tank cars, please fill in the preliminary application for cargo transportation.

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In case of entering incorrect information, the application can be left without consideration.

Calculation of rates for costs of organizing cargo carriage of by rail:

Country of destination Border crossing Turnover outside of the Republic of Belarus, days Rate, $/tonne
Ukraine Slovechno (exp.) 10 49
Goryn (exp.) 49
Terekhovka (exp.) 47
Poland Brest-Tsentralny (exp.) 8 54
Bruzgi (exp.) 52
Svisloch (exp.) 51
Latvia Bigosovo (exp.) 9 37

The rate includes the cost of organizing the carriage of goods with the use of our own rolling stock, freight charges and additional charges for the carriage of laden and return of empty tanks on the Belarusian Railway.